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Manchester personal trainers

Our Manchester Personal Trainers have on average 10 years of experience, in the personal training industry and are here to ensure you achieve the results you want. Our Personal Trainers do this, via the most effective strength & Conditioning training and lifestyle coaching at our private gym in Manchester city centre.

We can guide, educate and inspire you into becoming the greatest version of yourself. Everyones goals and bodies are unique and our personal trainers work around our clients lifestyles, goals and bodies with highly bespoke personal training programs.

If you want to see continuous and never ending progress in a safe private environment, look no further than our manchester personal trainers at Transflash.

Whether your a busy professional who needs a time efficient workout, a stay at home mum who needs a flexible trainer or a world class athlete who wants to surpass their teammates or competition, then you are in the right place. We have the skills to take you to the next level no matter who you are. If you’re ready to start training with Personal Trainers who really care about you achieving your goals. Personal Trainers who have the knowledge and the experience to guarantee your success, then please get in contact.


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