Your Time is important, we don’t waste it!

As our client we don’t want you to do anything that isn’t the absolute best use of your finite time. Thats why we only offer highly bespoke 1-2-1 personal training at our gym, because its simply the best use of your time when looking to achieve your fitness goals no matter who you are, beginner or world class athlete.

You can have the best program in the world, but if you are not implementing it correctly, its not such a good program. We will tirelessly correct, teach, inspire, and motivate you, we will track your progress in and out of the gym, we will be there every step of the way for you to ensure you are successful no matter how big your goal.

Together we can achieve your dream results, you can look and feel just like how you’ve always wanted. We are not saying its going to be easy, but we’ve got the knowledge, we’ve got your back and your success truly is our success. lets succeed together. Our team of experienced Manchester Personal Trainers are here and ready to help you.

We offer a Free Consultation so you can come and meet us in person and find out everything you need to know about our 1-2-1 Manchester personal training service. Below are some of our average results achieved over a 12 week period. 

Its very important to us that you are successful. We have found three to four personal training sessions per week allows the best results to be achieved.