Your not another one of those price comparers are you? Most of our personal training clients before meeting us made the wrong choice by choosing to hire the wrong personal trainer. Choosing the wrong trainer will definitely not meet your expectations and will guaranteed waste your time and your money. We can agree that choosing a result based service on price is probably not wise, after all your not paying for a personal trainer your paying for the facilitation of your ideal body. Why put your most valuable asset in the hands of a novice when you can hire an experienced health and fitness expert. You Deserve to have a fit, healthy, pain free body that makes you feel good, but you probably don’t know how to obtain it or have the motivation currently to work towards it, thats why we are here. Combine your best efforts with one of our Experienced Personal Trainers and see your body transform in what feel’s like a flash.

We understand that your time is very important and we don’t want you wasting a minute. We do what works, we have done the trial and error for you so you can simply follow our tried and tested time efficient methods with complete peace of mind.

We will do all the thinking for you, all you have to do is turn up and give your best efforts and together we will achieve the goals we set together whilst teaching you how to continue improving after our journey together at our Private gym.

Your bespoke tailor made personal training programmes and nutritional guidance will be specifically designed around your individual body and your unique goals. We offer a really “personal” personal training service that takes into account what you really want and need.

Train more often and our Personal training rates get better. Its very important to us that you are successful and we have found three to four training sessions per week allows the best results to be achieved.

6 weeks from now, you could be looking and feeling completely different and be well on the way to building your perfect body with the help of one of our personal trainers in Manchester. Book your consultation at our private gym in Manchester city centre and find out how we can help you.

If we agree to work with you, we will advise you on how to attain your goals to the best of our abilities. We take no responsibility for lack of result if you fail to follow our advise on all nutrition and lifestyle aspects when outside of our sessions. If you fail to follow our advise on whats needed for the attainment of your goal, we will let you know that you are wasting your time and your money and send you on your way, our time is very important to us and we hate spending it with part timers. Either your 100% ready to give your best and achieve great results or your not. If your not thats fine, your just not the right kind of client for us.

If your not ready to work hard and give your best efforts towards the attainment of your goals and follow our advise, then you are not the right kind of client for us. We offer a free consultation to ensure all parties concerned are happy to establish a partnership together and understand the terms of the contract together.