Why Hire a Personal Trainer at Transflash Gym
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  1. Privacy. At Transflash you will train in a non judgmental private environment, where you will never feel silly or like you are in the wrong place.
  2. Results Driven. Whilst we are not overly pushy, we are totally invested in you becoming successful and will do everything we can as your teammate to achieve your goals.
  3. Expertise & Knowledge. Our trainers are highly experienced and have extensive knowledge in the body, exercise, nutrition and health as a whole.
  4. Quick Effective Scheduled Sessions. Due to the layout and privacy of our gym, sessions can be performed in a much more effective manner. Having sessions booked in like business meetings massively reduces chances of skipped sessions. Due to attending more sessions and training more effectively means the results you get from the time invested, can be significantly better.
  5. Reduced stress and more fun. Our clients don’t need to think about what they need to train in a particular session or how they need to eat, we lay it all out so they don’t need to think about it and we constantly add variety to keep it interesting.