Our 1-2-1 Services
Transflash Gym

General Body Transformation

Improve Your body shape by losing fat and building muscle. Our body transformation programs at Transflash Personal Training Gym are designed to improve our clients athletic ability in everyday life, improve health, increase lean muscle mass and reduce fat mass giving the client a much more pleasing appearance.

Strength Training and Sports Specific Training

The best athletes are the strongest and the most skill full at what they do. Improve your skill level and become the strongest version of yourself at Transflash Personal Training Gym. Whatever your goal our Coaches will design you a program that will get you doing whats needed to achieve the goal you want. Whether you play a sport at the weekend or are in the premiership we can help you.

Injury Rehabilitation

Suffering from a gym related injury? Want to get back training as soon as possible? Look no further than our injury rehab specialists at Transflash Personal Training Gym. Let us get you fixed and then teach you proper technique to ensure injury is avoided in the future.


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