What We Do
personal training manchester city centre

We offer 1-2-1 Personal training in Manchester city centre.

Below are some of the reasons why clients hire us as their manchester personal trainer.

Fat loss

We can help you improve your body shape by helping you to lose your unwanted bodyfat. Lose fat, get fit and fall back in love with your body by starting personal training in Manchester city centre with us. Our Experienced personal trainers in Manchester can take you through our tried and tested fat loss methods that are guaranteed to get you lean in a flash. As well as achieving an appearance you are far happier with, you can also expect increased energy levels, improved confidence and more happiness in yourself.

Muscle Building

We can help you add muscle to your frame quickly by teaching you how to train and eat optimally for maximal muscle gains. By hiring us as your Manchester personal trainers you will learn the most effective muscle building techniques and methods so you can start to see your body becoming more muscular quickly. Say bye to your skinny body and feel uber confident that a new muscular one is guaranteed on the way.

Strength Training and Sports Specific Training

The best athletes are the strongest and the most skill full at what they do. Improve your skill level and become the strongest version of yourself with our personal trainers in Manchester city centre. Whether you play a sport at the weekend or are in the premiership we can help you. Become the best version of yourself and take your game to a whole new level.

Injury Rehabilitation

Suffering from a gym related injury or a nagging pain? Want to get back training as soon as possible? Look no further than our injury rehab specialists at Transflash Personal Training Gym. Let us get you fixed and then teach you proper technique and ensure you have proper muscular balance to ensure injury is avoided in the future.


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