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Our Training Options

Start a bespoke program with an experienced personal trainer that will ensure you move towards the results you want.

We have 4 options for training below.

OPTION ONE – Once a week

This is for individuals who want a regular check-in as well as a program to follow by themselves outside of personal training sessions.

OPTION TWO – Twice a week  

This is designed for busy people who want to train in the most time effective ways and achieve a steady but continuous progression.

OPTION THREE – Three times a week 

This is our most popular program, especially used by clients who have training experience but are not seeing the results they want by themselves or with another personal trainer elsewhere.

OPTION FOUR – Four times a week  

This is predominantly for clients who either, want to achieve a dramatic body transformation, beginners to exercise who want to really speed up their learning curve in the gym or professional athletes who want to take their training to the next level. We do however advise that all clients begin with 4 sessions per week at least to begin with if feasible within their lifestyle.


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